This coffe comes from a small, independent, artisanal roastery based in Woldingham. Sid, originally from Brazil forges relationships directly with coffee producers at their farms.


"Our love affair with coffee is as much about the journey as it is about the coffee. It represents the people, the culture, and the hard work of the growers, and that is something to treasure."




Aroma: Sweet, slightly fruit
Flavor: Notes of fresh fruits and almonds, very sweet
Body: Medium / Full
Aftertaste: Pleasant and persistent
Roasted: Clear/Average
Origin: Fazenda Santa Rita, Brazil
Altitude: 1050 meters
Variety: Red Cataui
Process: Natural


Surrounding the states of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo in Brazil, Serra do Caparao is a place of lush fertility and natural beauty, with the famous Pico da Bandeira one of the highest parts of Brazil.

This is where our coffee comes from, where our friends at Fazenda Santa Rita cultivate the most delicious and tasteful coffee, with a unique flavour and the highest quality.


Doce Caparao is a variety of coffee where the coffee fruits spend a long time in the coffee tree before they are harvest, allowing a natural fermentation to occur during the process. That fermentation process makes Doce Caparao a perfect coffee with a sweet taste, soft acidity and dense body.


Coffee with notes of fruits and almonds ,very sweet taste, soft acidity and a really dense body.


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