Macaron box
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Macaron box

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Macarons are seen as luxurious but here at Fresh Dough we make them accessible to everyone. We use good quality ground almond to make our shells and we fill them with our own flavoured buttercream in the middle.

We love to play with the colours and the flavours depending on the seasons.

Our boxes comes with 9 macarons with 3 different flavours. They have a longer shelf live than most of our products so they are ideal to buy as a gift for someone special (even yourself).

If you can join us at one of our local farmers market you might even be able to see our XXL macarons! They are always the stars of the show.

Ingredients for the macarons shells: almond, sugar, egg white, food colouring.

Ingredients for the buttercream: butter, milk, sugar, flavouring / chocolate*, food colouring.

Allergens: nuts, eggs, milk, soya*

We recommend coeliacs people to be cautious as our flour sacks are stored in the same space as our production space