Our suppliers

As much as possible we are trying to locally source our ingredients. Except our chocolate (obviously) as everyone knows that Belgian Callebaut chocolate is the best ;-)

Our main ingredients usingg in the bakery are as follows: flour, saugemeat, egg, milk, almond and chocolate!

Our organic flours comes from Shipton Mill in Gloucester. Their organic flours are really tasty and easy to work with. We are using their traditional organic white flour for our breads with a content of 12% protein (gluten), as well as their organic wholemeal flour and stoneground organic dar rye flour. Our pastries are made with their own organic speciality flour that has slightly higher content in Protein/gluten (13%) to help keep the lamination in our pastries. We are also getting our seeds from them using their five seeds blend containing millet, malted barley flakes, sunflower seeds, oats and wheat flakes. 



Our famous sausage rolls are made using sausagemeat from Renhurst farm shop in Mark Cross. A great family run business preparing our sausagemeat weekly. They ensure quality of their stock feeding them wholesome food and allowing them to range freely on their land. They also take special care of the meat once the stock is slaughtered. Our free range eggs are also collected from them We are pleased to have them alongside us at Crowborough farmers market on the 4th Saturday of the month. 



Over the Moo Dairy is a new start up set up by a young farmer in Fletching. Richard produces and processes the milk on the farm and delivers it directly to our door weekly. 


Unfortunately we haven't found a local farmer making butter so if you are reading this and know someone who could help get in touch! The good news is that we do use REAL butter. No alternative. No cheating.


We use about 10kg of ground almond a week. Triple that during Christ*** season! Amaretti biscuits, almond croissants and macarons are some of the legendary products of Fresh Dough. Ground almond is therefore a key ingredient in our baking. Luckily we have discovered Wilton Wholefoods. It is a family run company based in South of England. They source, mix, blend and pack the best natural foods from all over the world. Working with suppliers they offer the very best quality using minimal packaging. They are also our suppliers for dry fruits and glace cherries when in seasonal needs...




Finally, as mentioned earlier, Callebaut chocolate is the best. Probably the most expensive too but we don't look at the price as it is definitely worth it. Everyone can tell the difference. We use it in our brownies, our cookies, our madeleines, our chocolate twists, pains au chocolat and even on our biscoff flapjack! All with different cocoa content and dosage and shape but still the bests.