Our team

Laura set up Fresh Dough's artisan microbakery when she moved to Crowborough in 2016. Her previous life as a dancer and choreographer helped her improvise and improve her recipes and technical skills along the way. She still loves to experiment and bring new tastes to her farmers markets.

Laura still enjoys baking but she also needs to focus her time on all the others aspects of the business including admin, marketing, accounting, ... So she relies greatly on other team members to maintain a healthy lifestyle balance.

Heidi is currently our principal baker with a little help from Laura. She started at  Fresh Dough in 2020 as a student job including labelling and packaging our products. She gradually moved to more intricate jobs and became a full time employee in August 2022. Since then, she is a fully independent and experienced baker and can reproduce our pastries and breads with great consistency. If you are visiting us at your local farmers market you will probably meet her. In addition to baking, Heidi loves horses and dogs and often helps during the lambing season. She dreams of warm sunny holidays and listens to country music very loudly.



Tony is our latest addition to the team. He recently moved to Crowborough and was looking for a local job to meet the local community and discover the area. He seemed to be the perfect match for our delivery driver position ! Luckily for him we are changing from Diesel to Electric van to help the planet. So if you see an orange ID BUZZ don't forget to wave!