Organic sourdough bread

Fresh Dough's sourdough starter was created in 2016. Since then it is has developed in flavour and is still very healthy. It lives at the top of our fridge and is refreshed about 3 to 4 times a week.

The change in temperature and the duration of fermentation of sourdough starters change the flavour of the sourdough loaves ranging from sweet to sour. At Fresh Dough, we tend to keep it fresh, sweet and springy to avoid big holes in the crumb and sour taste.

The choice of flour types influences the flavour of our bread but not the texture created by the gluten strands interconnected to make the bread rise. 

We offer 5 types of sourdough flavours with our range of flours: White, seeded white, brown, seeded brown and rye.

The rest of the ingredients are simple: water and salt! Nothing else.