Brown sourdough bread
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Brown sourdough bread

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When people come to the farmers market to buy a sourdough bread from us they are always surprised when I ask them which one. 

It is sourdough because its rising agent is a ferment made by mixing water with flour and letting the sugar of the gluten in the flour being consumed by the water creating bubbles.

Why don't you try a different one that just white! Please note that we don't do wholemeal but brown breads. Most customers want to eat wholewheat products but often finds them too dense. If you are looking for a wholemeal bread for health reason get in touch and we can potentially make one specifically for you. We are that good!

Ingredients: organic wholemeal flour (60%), organic white wheat flour (40%), water, salt.

Allergens: gluten

Please note that we also manufacture walnut bread. We are very careful and clean all our work surfaces, utensils and accessories to avoid cross contamination. However, we recommend to people with severe nut allergies to avoid buying our products unless specified in advanced when placing an order online.